LPO-41 path
Parcours "Oiseaux de nos Fermes"
A marked path will allow your to better understand the environment in which birds live in our landscape from the rivebank to our vines.
Vignerons Indépendants de France - Annual event
Whitsuntide Picnic
You are wellcome to join us and share a beautiful picnic day.
Apéritif, grill are readay for yo, wines are of course offered !

Time for a walk, speaking about our métier, wine tasting...
a day to enjoy and to learn and know each other...
Open House and markets
Bienvenue à la Ferme
We belong to the "Bienvenue à la ferme" group of farmers producing with great know how in the Loir-et-Cher.

We open our doors every 3rd april weekend and take part to the Christmas and summer markets in Blois.
Tales in the Cellar
Michel MARAONE, conteur comédien
The renowned conteur of the "petite fille aux grandes oreilles" tells us stories and legends of our area.
Mithology and stars meet around us, apparently also willing to share a glass of wine...
Some tales are true, some less...
Horse riding
We wellcome horse riders and organize various trail rides of one or two days with friend associations.

We are hosts by "EQUI41, chevauchées entre Loir et Cher" [...]
VITICASTOR, from riverbank to terroir
Through a guided path leading to the riverbank we discover all the precious signs of the wild fauna by the  Cher.
Back to the Domain, we enjoy a wine tasting and present our methods to preserv our environment and terroir [...]
Camping-cars wishing to stop at the Domain are wellcome.

They are just asked to be independent.

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